Recipes - Chocolate

    • Chocolate Mousse Pie

      "Apparently, my parents DO know a little something about desserts - the chocolate mousse is perfect on its own. So, here is my recommendation... Make the chocolate mousse. Put it into a chocolate cookie crust and place the whole pie in the freezer for a few hours. Serve with a generous blob of homemade whipped cream. Pure. Simple. Delicious." -Andrea

      Recipe adapted from Emeril Lagasse courtesy of Bella Eats
      Photo copyrighted by Andrea Hubbell Photography

      Serves 10 | 1 hour prep. time, 4 hours to chill

    • Chocolate Cake with Praline Topping

      "This cake I'm sharing today was made for Brian, on his 28th birthday. It is the same chocolate cake that I baked for him last year, which was the first from-scratch cake I'd ever made. When I asked Brian what I should make for his birthday this year he requested the same chocolate cake, and left the frosting and adornment up to me. The praline was a good choice, the crunchy texture a nice contrast to the dense, moist crumb of the cake and the creamy, stick-to-your-tongue ganache. The whole ensemble is tall, dark, handsome and dreamy, just like my Hubb." -Andrea

      Recipe from Epicurious and Bon Appetit, courtesy of Bella Eats
      Photo copyrighted by Andrea Hubbell Photography

      Serves 12 | 2.5 hours

    • Chocolate Almond Bites

      "I was tired, a little bit frazzled and a lot in need of the dark chocolatey, almondy, slightly salty goodness that these three-bite cookies delivered to my mouth. The process to make them was really quite simple - melt chocolate, amaretto and butter in one pan while whipping together the egg and sugar in another. You combine the two, fold in some finely processed toasted almonds and then chill the batter for 1-2 hours. They bake for a quick 10-12 minutes and then you are free to pile them onto a plate, grab a glass of wine and cuddle up to your partner on the couch. There's no better cure for a long day, I promise." -Andrea

      Recipe adapted from Sweet Amandine courtesy of Bella Eats
      Photo copyrighted by Andrea ...

      | 3 hours total, 1 hour active prep. time

    • Chocolate Bourbon Bundt Cake

      "This gem of a recipe will surely have a place on one of our holiday menus or perhaps as a take-along dish for a party. Dense and moist with a deep, dark chocolaty flavor laced with a hint of bourbon, the cake is easy to make, better when made a day or two in advance and, to top it all off...positively dreamy. I promise that not a crumb will remain after your party. But if I'm wrong and there are some leftovers, a thick slice makes a mighty fine accompaniment to your morning coffee."-Andrea

      Recipe courtesy of Bella Eats
      Photo copyrighted by Andrea Hubbell Photography

      Serves 10 | 3 hours, including time to cool

    • Banana Cake with Dark Chocolate and Walnuts

      "This cake, while not the prettiest kid on the block, certainly has the possibility of being the most popular with its stellar personality. So dense, so moist, the banana-scented crumb is perfectly balanced with dark chocolate and toasty walnuts. I brought it in to share with my office, a group notoriously hesitant about sweets, and it was polished off within a day. That says something, something very good, I assure you" -Andrea

      Recipe adapted from Gourmet magazine courtesy of Bella Eats
      Photo copyrighted by Andrea Hubbell Photography

      Serves 8

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