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A small selection of the items we carry.

Food and household items from local farms and artisans, as well as trusted national brands.

    Wolf Creek Farm

    Grass Fed Beef Top Round Steak

    $16.45 (1.8 lb)

    High Quality Organics

    Organic Garlic Salt Blend

    $0.25 (1 tblspoon)


    Chickpea and Spinach Soup

    $9.95 (32 oz)

    Polyface Farm

    Chicken Feet

    $7.50 (1.1 lb)

    EPIC Bar

    Beef Habanero Cherry Bar

    $2.79 (1.5 oz)

    Made by Mieka

    Olive Oil Soap, Oats & Lavender

    $5.95 (3.75 oz)

    Go Raw

    Super Pumpkin Chips

    $4.79 (3 oz)


    Strawberry-Banana, Oat Smoothie

    $3.49 (12 fl oz)


    Savory Tea, Carrot Curry

    $6.99 (12 bag)


    Homestyle Stuffing

    $4.29 (6 oz)

    Yummy Earth

    Lollipops, Assorted Fruit Flavor...

    $3.79 (4.2 oz)

    Radical Roots

    Swiss Chard

    $3.19 (1 ea)

    Beyond Meat

    Southwest Strips

    $6.29 (12 oz)


    Peanut Butter Cherry-licious Bar

    $2.99 (50 g)


    Pumpkin Ice Cream

    $6.49 (1 pt)


    Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

    $1.79 (1.4 oz)

    Revolution Foods

    Turkey & Cheddar Meal Kit

    $3.99 (3.19 oz)

    Local Food Hub

    Local Organic Salad Mix

    $5.95 (8 oz)

    Saffron Road

    Lemongrass Basil Simmer Sauce

    $2.99 (7 oz)

    The Greek Table

    Vegetarian Moussaka, Eggplant & ...

    $7.99 (16 oz)

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