About Relay Foods

    What is Relay?

    Relay is the online grocery store where you’ll find stuff you need from the best local stores, restaurants, and farms from right in your own neighborhood. We’ve partnered with folks you already know to provide all your grocery shopping needs—from basics, to specialty foods, to local produce, to… you name it! Learn how we do it.


    At Relay, the discoveries are one mouse-click away. Shop by your favorite vendor, shop by aisle, or use the search engine for a quick in-and-out. With Relay you find just what you need and discover more than you knew. Check out our bestsellers.

    How Do I Relay?

    Easy. Add items to your cart, check out with a credit card, and pick-up your order free at a location convenient to you—or have it delivered to your home or office. More info here.

    Why Relay?

    Save time, save your community, save the planet! With Relay, you support area shops and farms—keeping dollars local. You drive less, so the earth is happier. By not driving all over town, well, you’re happier. Simple!

    Our Story

    The Relay community began one day in 2008 with Founder & CEO, Zach Buckner. After driving home from one food store too many, he had a vision: Shop for quality food from local stores, online. No more driving everywhere! Just order online.

    Our Mission

    The Relay mission is to make eating quality, healthy, and sustainable food simple.

    We will accomplish this mission by educating individuals and families about the food we offer, creating connections between food producers and customers, and by delivering purchases to easily accessible locations. Learn more.

    Our Values

    Though Relay was founded from humble beginnings, we carry some big ambitions—for ourselves, for our company, for the world. Each day, we counsel everyone at Relay to remember that a clear conscience is always more valuable than an extra dollar. In this way, honesty and hard work will always prevail over shortcuts. Learn more about Relay’s Core Values

    Join Our Team

    We believe in good food, supporting our community, and reducing our carbon footprint. Does this sound like you too? We’d like to meet you!


    I am going to get some other stay at home mom's aware of this! yahoooooooooooo! Better than shopping at food lion! Awesome!!! I will place an order for this first p/u for sure! I have had my mother p/u in cville, but this is great! I love your company!

    - Heather Bolduc

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