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    Yes, we do love to see our name in papers and blogs (look Mom, aren't you proud?). Below are some recent clippings on Relay Foods from the web, newspapers, magazines, and TV.



    • C-ville Weekly (December 4, 2012)

      Zach Buckner thinks Relay Foods’ online grocery model is ready for the national stage

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    • MarketWatch - The Wall Street Journal (October 31, 2012)

      Relay Foods Delivers Local Produce, Artisan Goods, Grocery Staples Despite Storm

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    • Baltimore Business Journal (October 26, 2012)

      Buying local just got easier as food sales grow online

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    • Hartbeat Newsletter (October 24, 2012)

      Online grocery isn't just for big brands and big retail: Relay Foods delivers local foods and experiences

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    • The Washington Post (September 23, 2012)

      Farm-delivery service expands to D.C.

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    • Forbes (September 19, 2012)

      Relay Foods Raises $1.2 M to Shorten Online Grocery's "Last Mile"

    • Time Moneyland (September 17, 2012)

      Maybe Future of Retail Won’t Be Shipped but Picked Up

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    • Venture Capital Dispatch - WSJ Blogs (August 31, 2012)

      Webvan Who? Investors Hungry for Online Specialty-Food Start-Ups

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    • The Baltimore Sun (August 28, 2012)

      Online grocer Relay Foods launches service in Baltimore

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    • Food + Tech Connect (August 28, 2012)

      Relay Foods Raises $1.2M to Scale Local Online Grocery in Mid-Atlantic

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    • Handpicked Nation (August 27, 2012)

      Relaying Local Food: Relay Foods Focuses on Local Vendors

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    • Breathe Magazine (June/July 2012)

      Zach Buckner: Online Grocer Provides Central Virginians with Fresh, Local Fare

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    • A Hartman Group White Paper (June 26, 2012)

      The Online Grocery Opportunity

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    • Supermarket News (May 29, 2012)

      Survey Details Digital Evolution

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    • Charlottesville's NBC29 News (February 1, 2012)

      NBC29 covers Relay's infusion of investment capital.

    • Charlottesville's The Daily Progress (January 27, 2012)

      Article announcing 2011 infusion of capital to help Relay expand its customer services and operations base.

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    • Work it Richmond (February 10, 2012)

      Small business bulletin in Richmond reports on Relay's recent investment.

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    • Richmond BizSense (January 31, 2012)

      Small business report on Relay's recent investment.

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    • Work It, Richmond (October 24, 2011)

      Article featuring Relay's positive impact on other small businesses in Richmond.

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    • Charlottesville's NBC29 News (October 11, 2011)

      NBC29 covers Relay's participation in the local entrepreneur's panel of the Jefferson Innovation Summit, a gathering hosted by UVA's Darden School of Business and CNBC to inspire economy-stimulating business innovation.

    • Richmond's WRIC8 News (September 8, 2011)

      Neal and Barry Sweeney, of the Butcher at Bon Air, interviewed about Relay on WRIC8 News' Budget segment.

    • Richmond's NBC12 (July 23, 2011)

      NBC12 covered our partnership with Carytown Cupcakes in Richmond and our efforts to revive online grocery shopping.

    • Scott's Addition Newsletter (August 2011)

      The Scott's Addition Business newsletter featured our Richmond operations in its monthly newsletter.

    • Relay as an editor's pick in the Best of C-ville 2011 (August 16, 2011)
    • Zach Interviewed on NBC29 (July 8, 2011)
    • Forbes Magazine Online (June 1, 2011)

      Nicole Perlroth, deputy editor at Forbes Magazine, featured Relay on her Forbes blog, "Everything Ventured", which covers startups and venture capital. See the full post

    • The Richmond Times-Dispatch (March 6, 2011)

      The Richmond Times-Dispatch covered Relay as an example of a growing trend in online grocery shopping. See the full article

    • The Daily Progress (January 23, 2011)

      Sharon Fitzgerald wrote a wonderful piece about Relay's growth that made it onto the front page of the Daily Progress! See the full article

      Daily Progress, Jan. 2011


    • Alternative Weekly, C-ville, Green Scene (August 30, 2010)

      Christy Baker enthusiastically reviews her RelayFoods.com experience. See expanded version

      Green Scene, C-ville

    • Microsoft BizSpark Startup of the Day (August 23, 2010)

      We won! Microsoft's BizSpark program is designed to help accelerate the success of entrepreneurs and early-stage startups globally. Check out their interview with Zach -- our history and vision in a nutshell. Read it here


    • Zach on Charlottesville's NBC29 (August 10, 2010)

      We know Relay is making an impact on local food, but don't take our word for it: "While some businesses are trying to stay afloat in this down economy, a Charlottesville company is doing so well it is expanding..."

      Watch the video!

    • WINA 1070 with Rick & Jane (July 23, 2010)

      Ted Corcoran, our Marketing Director, explains the World According to Relay on Charlottesville's, local morning radio show. Listen here.

    • The Dish (June 18, 2010)

      Dave McNair talks us up again--this time about our name change, our online farmers and a few words from Polyface's famous Joel Salatin. Read it here.

    • WVTF (June 16, 2010)

      Sandy Hausman of WVTF talked to Relay's founder, Zach Buckner, as well as one of our favorite customers, Christy-Lynn Flynn for a story on Charlottesville's local NPR affiliate. Listen here.

    • Meet the Farmer TV (June 12, 2010)

      Connect the Dots, Charlottesville's local food celebration at the City Market, was a great opportunity for Relay to meet some of our customers, foodie friends and even spend some time with our local vendors. Frank Melli of Meet the Farmer TV caught Relay and our vendors on tape. Watch it here.

    • C'ville Plugged In (March 16, 2010)

      The Charlottesville Newsplex and blogging expert, Amy Eastlack (of Suzy Said fame), featured Relay on C'ville Plugged In as a local company effectively utilizing technology.

    • Charlottesville Office of Economic Development (February Newsletter 2010)
    • NBC 29 Businesses Cut Costs by Sharing Office Space (February 26, 2010)


    • C-Ville Abode insert, Green Scene (December 2, 2009)

    • CBS 19 News Feature on Retail Relay (July 19, 2009)

    • Hook - The Dish (June 12, 2009)

      David McNair, of the Hook, wrote another great article about us--check it out here

    • In The Kitchen (April & July 2009)

      Rowena Morrel, who writes the delightful local magazine, In The Kitchen showed us some love in two wonderful articles this summer! The April article introduces us to the community and discusses our growing potential while the July article looks at our relationships with local farmers through Virginia's Bounty. Thank you Rowena, we love you too!

    • Retail Relay Announces Partnership with Martha Jefferson Hospital (April 17, 2009)

    • Additional Coverage of Martha Jefferson Announcement (April 17, 2009)

      We got some coverage in this issue of The Hook's Dish. Click here for more details.

    • Coverage of Martha Jefferson Announcement in the Daily Progress (April 17, 2009)

      Daily Progress Article

    • Retail Relay named as Finalist for CBIC's Annual Rocket Award (March 30, 2009)

      We learned this week that we are finalists for the Charlottesville Business Innovation Council's annual Rocket Award, presented to the "enterprise that has moved with noteworthy speed from concept toward commercialization." The Charlottesville Business Innovation Council is known as the preeminent private-sector catalyst and advocate for entrepreneurship and technology-based economic development in the Central Virginia region. Check out this link for more details.

    • Beth on the Bright Side: CBIC Awards (March 30, 2009)

      WCAV's Beth Duffy posted a list of Charlottesville Business Innovation Council (CBIC) awards finalists, including Retail Relay's Rocket Award nomination.

      Said Beth, "In these rough economic times, just staying in business is honor enough for most companies, but some continue to do much more than just keep the doors open. They contribute mightily to our community and are honored in return."

    • Customer Blogs about Relay Shopping Experience (January 27, 2009)

      Charlottesville Blogger Anson Parker writes about his Relay shopping experience here. Anson has mastered the science of maximizing the value of his Retail Relay purchases (60 pounds of food for under $100), so if you're on a budget, you might want to consider his recipe.

    • A Food Journey with Scott (January 19, 2009)


    • Hook - Snap o' the Day (December 2, 2008)

      The Hook did a brief story on us -- click here to check it out story. The picture they took isn't exactly the world's best, but the text (which I've copied below) is informative.

      Retail Relay, Charlottesville’s answer to Peapod, doesn’t actually deliver to your house — instead, to a few strategically-located drop spots, such as this one at Charlottesville Oil on Ivy Road as seen just before Thanksgiving. But the late-September-started company does handle retail goods in addition to groceries.

    • Flavor Magazine (December, 2008)

    • Experiments in Print Advertising

      Ok, so we technically paid to get our names in the paper this time. Below are our first two print advertisements, which were run 4 times in November and December in the Hook:

      Hook 1

      Hook 2

    • C-Ville (October, 2008)

      The C-Ville mentioned us in a story story on ways to save gas -- click here to check it out. Excepts below:

      Marleigh Baratz, an Albemarle resident, began a “call before you go” system on her block. Before going to the store, she phones neighbors to see if they need a couple items (to be reimbursed), helping others to avoid unnecessary trips. We got a brief mention in the C-Ville: "Better yet, take advantage of Retail Relay (retailrelay.com): a newly launched online service, where you click, pay, and make one trip to pick up your local goods."

    • Better World Betty (September 24, 2008)

      Better World Better, an environmentally-focused Charlottesville blog, covered us this morning. Click here to see the story!

      Better World Betty

    • CBS / ABC News Story (September 24, 2008)

      We're happy to report that news of Retail Relay's public launch was aired 5 times today, on both CBS19 News and on ABC16 News. Footage from the 5:30pm story is included below.

    • Daily Progress Article (August 9, 2008)

      We are pleased to announce that Retail Relay was covered on the front page of today's edition of the Daily Progress, our region's largest daily newspaper. A copy of the article is available here.

      Daily Progress Article


    Who has time for the grocery store?!? I love how your company helps me streamline and simplify my shopping without compromising on the quality of the food!

    - Alisa R.

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